Google Wave


Google Wave is an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration. A wave can be both a conversation and a document where people can discuss and work together using richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more. Continue reading

Are We Out of Touch with Our Customers?

Know your customer is advertising’s prime directive. Yet in the evolving digital age knowing your customer is harder and harder to do even tough we have many more ways to monitor, watch, listen, react, interact and measure customer behavior.

The newest evidence of the gap between customer and advertiser perceptions comes from a survey of 1015 advertisers and 4546 customers conduced in June by Harris Interactive using the LinkedIn Research Network to qualify and access both panels. The study found that while advertisers are increasing their use of digital advertising at the expense of print and broadcast media, they are not necessarily increasing their insight into or understanding of customers by using interactive channels. Continue reading

Dollar General: Holiday Microsite

This was the holiday microsite I developed for Dollar General. This concept was designed by Kelly Schummer. The site was developed utilizing Flash CS3 with a AS3.0 back-end language program. Tons of classes needed to be developed in getting this project complete. At the end the client loved it and why not… its a beautiful microsite.

COORS Light: Microsite

Now this was straight-forward what a microsite should consist of: cool graphics, compelling image to draw the user in then a way to grab the users information. Plain and simple this is what a microsite should do, and this microsite did just that. This site was developed in Flash 8 with AS2.0 as the preferred programming language.

Illinois Department of Tourism: Poster Microsite

This was a cool little microsite that I developed which brought in poster images through XML and placed them on a spinning carousel for the user to interact. The site was developed in Flash CS3 using AS3.0 as the programming language. Once the user clicked on a poster the poster would come forward and more details would be placed on the screen as illustrated above.

BOSCH: Banner ad concept

Nice banner ad design in this concept, I had the job of cleaning up the graphics and making this banner look more realistic. This banner had a real simple execution with a clear CTA.

BOSCH: Banner ad concept

This was a pretty cool concept utilizing a drifting car driven by Vaughn Gittin Jr. which at the smokes out the entire screen then reveals the BOSCH spark plug. Very clean and nicely executed banner ad.

BOSCH: Banner ad concept

Here is another banner ad concept that was sent to BOSCH for their SPARKTACULAR campaign. It starts off with a simple interactive button which sends off a single spark that activates the spark plug, the plug then shoots up and animates with a group of spark plugs that continues to fly in a highly energetic fashion only to reveal the line of spark plugs offered by BOSCH.

Where Your Customers Are: How Facebook, Twitter and Others Break Down by Age

Facebook, the largest social media network, recently reached 300 million users worldwide — roughly the population of the United States. So do your homework before you approach your customers online. Here’s how users on the top social media sites broke down by age in August 2009.

3 trends that will Shape the Digital World over the Next Decade

We’re often consumed by what will change over the next few years, but taking a longer view can be more interesting and instructive.  Some of the world’s smartest people are hard at work developing amazing things that will dramatically change the way we interact with technology and each other over the next decade.  Here are a few of them:

1. Virtually free and unlimited bandwidth and storage: This is so important that Chris Andersen (of “Long Tail” fame) just wrote an entire book about it: “Free“. Storage and bandwidth, already fairly substantial, are improving performance and cost efficiency even faster than processor speed is .  The marginal cost is falling to practically zero. Continue reading