South Fulton, GA is going Social

South Fulton is a blooming little city next door to Atlanta, GA—by simply looking at a map you can be sure to overlook this little town and mistake them to be a part of ATL.

The goal in this campaign was to touch on various verticals and share how their little town can compete with their big brother. Utilizing stylized imagery along with a graphical structure, we were able to create a nice suite of creative assets for our client to utilize. The verticals that we wanted to concentrate on are the cities amenities, dining, residents, retail and small business. The demographics is primarily African-American so we chose images that spoke true to our target market and images that the AA market can relate to.

McDonalds McCafé Frappé – Display Ad v.1.0

Its funny to see what clients like and don’t like when going into a presentation. This display ad which I designed and developed was actually what I considered the “safest route,” – it was my clutch player –  always good to have that within your back pocket. I’ll upload in a little bit other comps created and presented to the client so I can get your feedback.

Olay “Splash” – Display Ad

The great thing about display ad design and development is that even though statistics shows that interactions are low, branding is key and impressions should not be ignored. Brands need to constantly stay fresh in the minds of their consumers especially during the buying process. I know there have been moments when my mind goes blank when looking for a particular product or brand and I rely on my memory to conjure up imagery to help me remember – memorable display ads can help. This ad is very clean, I assisted in cleaning up this banner and resizing for development.