Sprint GSIII Banner Ad Campaign

Gotta respect display ads. Even though there is only an average of 1% clickthrough rate on these ads they are the billboards and the print ads of the digital space. I just helped Sprint launch a plethora of displays ads for their introduction of the Samsung GSIII Smartphone. Within this campaign, Sprint wanted us to focus on some of the key features that this phone provides – that being: Allshare, Buddy Share and S Beam Sharing. These features tie in perfectly with their overall campaign “unlimited edition” that gives a nod to their unlimited data plan where sharing unlimited information through their network is possible.

The photo of the girl on this phone is actually the videographers daughter. He did a off-shoot project of his own in which he video-taped her on a white background as she was growing up and documented each year. Now she has reached the age of 12 and our videographer put together an awesome montage set to music – we used this footage for the TV ad that we just launched as well. Goes to show that documenting your kids – no matter how small or big, may pay off in the future. I attached that video on this post as well so you can see holistically how TV and digital meshed together.



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