Tic-Tac-Tag Teams Up with PastBook.com

Tic-Tac-Tag (www.tictactag.com), is proud to announce its partnership with PastBook.com. “Now you can do even more with your event hashtag” says Jessica, co-founder of Tic-Tac-Tag. Building relationships with companies that compliment each other is key to growth and networking. Our … Continue reading

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Xbox Kinect Controlled Skateboard: “Board of Awesomeness”

I’ve seen some pretty cool Xbox Kinect experiments… but I don’t remember seeing an Xbox Kinect Controlled Electric Skateboard, especially one that can hit 32 miles per hour!

Chaotic Moon’s LABS program set about rigging up an electric skateboard with a Samsung Windows 8 Tablet and an Xbox Kinect to deliver a gesture controlled experience like no other. The Kinect has been rigged to control the speed and breaking abilities of the skateboard based of hand gestures, body movement and distance.

To start, riders raise their hands up to activate the board, then push their hands forward to control the speed then pulling them back to control the brakes in it’s simplest form. This is the techno-dork in me geeking out to things I know I’ll probably never have the chance to try. Awesome job to the guys at Chaotic Moon!

Google Follow Finder

Follow Finder is a nifty little app that will help you find people to follow. You plugin your Twitter username and it will scan your public social graph to show you people you might want to follow. It’s hosted on App Engine and makes extensive use of Twitter’s new @anywhere platform.

New Splinter Cell game launched using Layar

Do you want to play Splinter Cell: Conviction in the streets of Amsterdam? We do.

This is the first time a major game developer like Ubisoft uses Layar to launch a new title. With the Layar platform they have created a unique and engaging AR game. The objective is to introduce and promote the launch of the latest release of Spinter Cell for Xbox. Its a prime example of how the capabilities of the Layar platform and the reach of the Layar Browser can be used to create an engaging and fun experience to promote a multi million dollar game.

via Blog – Augmented Reality Browser: Layar.

Video: Canon EOS 7D gatling gun shooting 8 FPS of awesome

We’ll be back later with more impressions, but we figured you’d like to see Canon’s new EOS 7D in a video quickie, live at IFA. It’s short, just a minute, but enough time to show off the 7D’s built-in digital level, 19-point autofocus, and a naked shutter blasting though 8 frames per second. Now man…

Video: Canon EOS 7D gatling gun shooting 8 FPS of awesome.

Canon vs. Nikon Digital SLR Cameras

Canon vs. Nikon – which one? It’s a common question that comes up when consumers are comparing digital SLR cameras.

These two companies were the first to make the leap from film to digital, and their initial presence in the market make them the dominant players.

Today Canon and Nikon constantly battle for the top spot in the SLR market, while Olympus, Pentax, Sony, Panasonic and Sigma duke it out for a position in third.

If you pay attention to the digital SLR press releases, you’ll notice a pattern: when either Canon or Nikon announce a new camera designed to capture some niche aspect of the market, the other company is soon to release a camera to compete.

This page is designed to help you get a handle on the current state of Canon vs. Nikon digital SLR cameras, with a focus on consumer SLRs, not those made for professionals.