Conceptual Idea for the National Association of REALTORS

This conceptual idea stemmed from notion that the National Association of REALTORs (NAR) was deeply engrained in our everyday lives. The design took everyday items of various situations to demonstrate that “by looking deep enough, you will find that NAR … Continue reading

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Website Misconceptions: Users Should Not Scroll

One of the most infamous creative directions I would hear from clients is the fact that they don’t want their users to scroll – what the H-E-Double Hockey stick – then they have the audacity to go ahead and give … Continue reading

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Gatorade – Flash component for site

Here is another flash component I designed for Gatorade that would live on their site. Its simply a nutritional and facts data sheet for the Powder Pack  product. Not sure if this is still currently on their site, I designed this piece over a year ago.