10 Design Trend Predictions For 2020

There are definitely a ton of other design trends that I didn’t cover here such as gradients, line illustrations and simple animations just to name a few. I just feel that the trends I shared here are the ones that will really make a splash in 2020.

Before I end this article, here are 3 predictions that you won’t see on any trends list on the WWW, because I am making them now.

  1. Textures: Real natural textures such as wood and metal. Veins from a leaf or even bark from a tree.
  2. Fonts: Elaborate and unique Serif fonts will be used in headlines or as a graphical supporting element.
  3. Colors: Duo tones. I definitely used this years ago, and as times changed so did this method, but it will return this year with brand new colors, styles and treatments.

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