Who Am I?

Jason works effectively and efficiently within an team environment in which he has played a vital role as lead creative/strategist, developer or integrator for various web projects.

Recently, Jason was a contract Digital Creative Director on many web projects as well as developer to clearly define best web practices. Having the ability to be very versatile with a wide range of design styles to incorporate in numerous situations – Jason has been core to many interactive and advertising agencies in which he has worked at.

Jason had the priveledge to sharpen his skills, knowledge and experience by working with many leading advertising agencies here in Chicago and am able to bring to the table the same knowledge and agency experience for future opportunities. Because of his experiences he is able to define both design and programming processes making efficient use of most projects to ensure timely deployment within the means of set timelines and budget.

Jason has great communication skills and has been in charge of directing numerous Art Directors, Photographers, Graphic Designers and Developers to ensure a successful campaign. In his career, Jason has been asked to present multiple projects to clients and has participated in numerous new business pitches when digital is involved.

Jason has evolved into a great resource within the digital field – understanding the capabilities of design and programming when developing digital strategies. With the conception of Social Media, Jason has been developing social media strategies to ensure that brands have an opportunity to utilize this space effectively as well for branding and awareness initiatives.

He is also an avid paintball player – being a part of a speedball team and have participated in multiple NPPL competitions. He also enjoys snowboarding the mountains of Colorado and playing legos with his kids.

Favorite color:

First pet:
A hamster named “Pathfinder”

Favorite Shoes:
Nike Airmax 90s

Who he thinks would win in a street fight: Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris
Bruce Lee

Top sport:
Table Tennis

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