Nascar Fan Voice Awards Facebook Tab Experience

In this fun project we were asked to leverage Sprint’s involvement during the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Award Ceremony to drive social engagement with avid race fans and enhance Sprint’s broadcast exposure during the ceremony. From that ask we … Continue reading

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Disney HP Experience – Interactive Microsite

This was a fun interactive site that lead the user through an experience, in which they were able to use a canon printer or camera to take them through a set of activities detailing the products capabilities. This was one of my very first flash development products that I did years back at a large interactive firm here in Chicago. I worked alongside an art director and the CD to develop this site and to ensure the animation would be approved by Disney. This site was developed in Flash MX and used AS2.0.

Gatorade: Flash component for site

Another nice flash component which was to be used within Gatorade’s site. This component focused on the Gatorade Powder Pack. This was a simple implementation of animation, imagery and the use of text. The only activation within this flash piece only lead the user to another part of the site. This piece was developed in Flash CS3 and programmed with AS2.0 as well as TweenLite.

Dollar General: Holiday Microsite

This was the holiday microsite I developed for Dollar General. This concept was designed by Kelly Schummer. The site was developed utilizing Flash CS3 with a AS3.0 back-end language program. Tons of classes needed to be developed in getting this project complete. At the end the client loved it and why not… its a beautiful microsite.

COORS Light: Microsite

Now this was straight-forward what a microsite should consist of: cool graphics, compelling image to draw the user in then a way to grab the users information. Plain and simple this is what a microsite should do, and this microsite did just that. This site was developed in Flash 8 with AS2.0 as the preferred programming language.

Illinois Department of Tourism: Poster Microsite

This was a cool little microsite that I developed which brought in poster images through XML and placed them on a spinning carousel for the user to interact. The site was developed in Flash CS3 using AS3.0 as the programming language. Once the user clicked on a poster the poster would come forward and more details would be placed on the screen as illustrated above.

Blackberry Rich-Media Microsite

Worked with an Interactive Agency located in the west-side of Chicago in developing an interactive tutorial microsite for for Blackberry. This site was developed in Flash CS3 and was coded in AS3.0. All the designs were completed in-house and I worked alongside the Creative Director and the Art Director in completing this site. This site encompasses the 3 different phones Blackberry had on the market at that time.