Sprint Framily Tool and Facebook Integration


From the inception of this idea of a Framily coming into fruition, we have seen great growth in acquisition overall. The next question that we begged to ask was how can we get more? How can we make it easier for people to ask their friends and family to join their Framily and most importantly how do we ask the “others” to join?

From day one we wanted to seamlessly incorporate a function in which we tie this capability with social media especially Facebook. Because of certain restrictions we were unable to move forward in that route and needed to do much research and investigation to see how we can indeed move in that direction. As time quickly moved by we began seeing consumers sharing their information on Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist as well as seeing stand-alone websites built by others just for this cause and we knew we needed to move quickly to incorporate a user-friendly tool so we can take advantage of this stream of lost acquisition.

After much conversations with Sprint as well as Facebook, we finally found our way in and began developing a tool builder which will help users share their Framily ID on Facebook as well as see who is looking to fill their Framily tree. Within this tool you can see how many people have joined a user’s Framily and you can quickly jump onto a user’s Framily to take advantage of the savings. The beauty of this program is that the only thing that ties you to others is a Framily ID and nothing else will be shared – you never need to contact each other, coordinate a meeting or share any personal information.

In designing this tool the UX/UI team and I had to work closely together with the developers to ensure that the functionality and usability were in sync’d and optimized to the fullest. The other challenge in this project was the timeline, because the client did not want to waste any time and lose the opportunity to gain acquisition information we had to move in a matter of a few weeks. Development began in parallel to us designing the interface.

The design here utilizes the newly installed color palette introduced to Sprint through the “Frobinsons” campaign. With the wide array of orange ,purple, green and blue it definitely adds character to the work that Sprint is pushing out – remember when Sprint was just black and yellow? In this design, I wanted to introduce the colors cautiously, putting too much color will make this website resemble Miami beach. So I decided to use the purple on the consistent header and home page while brining in the other colors as tertiary colors for the supporting elements.

Using the Frobinson’s imagery was also questionable – we definitely wanted to have their presence within the design but we did not want this tool to look like it was dependent on the Frobinson’s at all – you will see that I used their imagery loosely.

The approach we took to this design fell heavily on the mobile experience, we wanted to ensure that all the elements that we created for desktop was a derivative of the look and feel taken from the mobile version – so my advice, if you want to see this experience at its best go to http://www.sprint.com/framilyapp on your mobile device.


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  • Alex McLeland, Experience Design Creative
  • Stacey Fullman, Project Manager
  • Paul Nagorney, Associate Director Technology
  • Richard Orelup, Senior Software Engineer
  • Simon Kissler, Principle Sofware Engineer
  • Jason Uzarraga, Senior Art Director/ACD Creative

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