Xbox Kinect Controlled Skateboard: “Board of Awesomeness”

I’ve seen some pretty cool Xbox Kinect experiments… but I don’t remember seeing an Xbox Kinect Controlled Electric Skateboard, especially one that can hit 32 miles per hour!

Chaotic Moon’s LABS program set about rigging up an electric skateboard with a Samsung Windows 8 Tablet and an Xbox Kinect to deliver a gesture controlled experience like no other. The Kinect has been rigged to control the speed and breaking abilities of the skateboard based of hand gestures, body movement and distance.

To start, riders raise their hands up to activate the board, then push their hands forward to control the speed then pulling them back to control the brakes in it’s simplest form. This is the techno-dork in me geeking out to things I know I’ll probably never have the chance to try. Awesome job to the guys at Chaotic Moon!

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