Evolving the Disposable Camera


Team_JJMy wife and I have recently launched a company that evolves the “Disposable Camera.” Having used disposable cameras during our very own wedding and receiving nothing but hard to see images and not-so-flattering shots—we were very interested in seeing what else could take the place of this idea.

Social media has become a fabric in our lives within the past decade from MySpace (yes, I mentioned them—do you also remember Friendster and AsianAvenue? I bet you do) to Facebook as well as Twitter and Instagram—just to name the heavy hitters.

Within the past couple years both brands and consumers have tried to put a handle on this technology/way-of-life and truly see how they can benefit through its features from their own standpoint.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 12.39.53 PM.png

Hashtag signage

Hashtags is a feature that both consumers and users can own and capitalize that is both free and flexible. Its a good way of categorizing communication on Instagram and Twitter that is both fun and customizable—get as creative and memorable as possible.

At a recent wedding reception that we attended in the west-coast we noticed a woman hanging photos on a cork board, looking more closely I saw that these were photos that I just posted on Instagram—powered by the wedding couple’s wedding hashtag.

Having to know how this was done I quickly did some investigation and figured out how to do it.

11209635_779521608833232_4204195864120244429_nA few months later, my wife and I launched a side business called Tic-Tac-Tag the “social media printer” here in Chicago. We quickly got picked up by brands and found ourselves engulfed in more corporate and agency events rather than the consumer events such as wedding and the such.

Our focus this year is to establish more of a foothold within the wedding industry, and bringing this technology to couples who crave for the ability to create a good online story of their special day using their wedding hashtag. What we found was that having a hashtag was just a stepping stone, giving your guests a really good reason to use it was the other—receiving a unique high quality printout in a matter of seconds, did just the trick.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 12.39.42 PM

Props and selfie sticks

We are learning everyday and at every event that we do on how to make our service more fun and engaging. From utilizing selfie sticks to figuring out fun and creative ways to display props. We work very closely with our clients to ensure that guests are involved and educated with our service.

A ton of clients still look at us as a photo booth so because of that we are forced to act like one while at the same time try to stay within the open-concept realm as much as possible, because that’s the basis of social media—to share anything from anywhere and at any time.


Capture every moment, the moment you say “I Do”

Utilizing free-floating props as well as step-and-repeats are tools that we bring to create engagement without  confining guests into a 4×4 photo booth, we encourage guests to take photos from the rehearsal dinner until the end of the reception taking photos of themselves as well as the details from the wedding that they feel is special and unique.

With today’s smartphone and app filters rarely does anyone post images that are unflattering, if anything, this opens up the ability and challenge for guests to get more creative. This is the essence that makes us different from a photo booth and much like an “evolved” disposable camera—capturing the beauty of the wedding from the vantage point of their guests.

We currently are featured on The Knot and are building reputation on Yelp. If you are interested in something new and different for your special event, see if Tic-Tac-Tag is just what your looking for.

(Our activation at a recent festival)

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