McDonald’s Chicken McBites Banner Ad Campaign 2012

In concepting for this product there were many hurdles and challenges that we faced because the client was McDonalds. First and foremost the most obvious, we needed to make the the McBites the ultimate hero within this banner without cannibalizing the infamous Chicken McNuggets. The taste was also an attribute we needed to get across within the banner, and since we cannot taste a banner ad the question was how are we going to add that appetite appeal.

The McBites definitely falls inside the same category as the McNuggets so that is why we focused on “Homestyle Taste,” that was definitely key. We also needed to bring to the forefront when describing these tiny bites that they are also crispy and juicy – we did a great job in highlighting those areas by the obvious call-outs. By putting that all together and ensuring that the quality of imagery in the bites were not deteriorated because of this medium, we would answer the question of appetite.

The client also requested that we added some personality with these Bites and by exclaiming that these bites are “poppable,” it did two things. First, it gave the product a fun and young feel which at the same time it described to the audience a cool way of eating these bite sized bundle of joys and that is to “pop ’em.” This action was supported by the execution of the banner, where from the beginning the McBite is shown falling/flying through the air only to be revealed later within the banner ad that they were “poppin'” into the Chicken McBites box.

We developed this execution in the 3 IAB standard sizes: 300×250, 160×600 and 728×90 – along with custom skins and some additional sizes built through our partnering sites.

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