Ted Williams: The Golden Voice of Love

Remember Ted Williams? He was the homeless man with the million-dollar radio voice who went from panhandler to viral sensation to Kraft-sponsored stardom (practically overnight). Well, he’s back.

After a short hiatus from the limelight, he is now starring in a Valentine’s-centered social media campaign for Kraft Mac & Cheese. The gist: Tweet a message for your Valentine using the hashtag #voiceoflove, and Ted will voice over the best ones. Kraft plans to donate 100 boxes of Mac & Cheese (up to 100,000 boxes) for every #voiceoflove tweet they receive. Proceeds go to Feeding America – a leading hunger-relief charity in the US.

We have seen this kind of social media campaign formula before, but look for this one to generate some noise. Especially given the comeback factor of Ted Williams and the charitable nature of it.

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