10 Successful Steps to Converting Ezine Subscribers to Clients

A business website may inevitably attract a lot of traffic and can have the potential to create clientele from the traffic attracted, but without a proper Ezine subscription process, the odds of creating clients from web traffic is low.

Websites rarely attract clients without offering resources that would be of interest to a specific audience. And even when there is an abundance of information, visitors to a specific website don’t always purchase the service or product being advertised.

People don’t usually purchase a product or service without knowing more about the business providing it. Because of this, providing a reason for visitors to remain interested in your business is integral. The best way to do this is by offering an Ezine – a periodic free publication usually distributed by email and usually in the form of a newsletter, Ebook, video or any other type of useful information that may be of interest to the audience you are trying to attract.

Terry Z. is a self employed business strategist and marketing consultant as well as owner of Solo Entrepreneur was able to increase subscriptions and web traffic by 70 per cent using thoughtful and ultimately useful steps. In turn Terry Z developed a 10 sure-fire step process to getting people to your website, subscribing to your Ezine and eventually becoming a customer.

Step 1 – Do you have the right visitors?

In order to convert website traffic to clients, you have to have the right visitors. In order to attract the right visitors, visitors who would benefit from your product or service, you must ensure you are using the right keywords and linking your site to businesses that would be appropriate to the message your website is trying to convey.

Google Analytics, a free program, is an excellent tool for helping you see how much web traffic is landing on your website, and where the traffic is coming from; helping you determine what is and isn’t working in regards to your site set up and information.

It should be kept in mind that while web traffic is an integral part of your business success, traffic from referrals are more likely to develop into clients. You can refer traffic to your website through writing articles, trading links with appropriate businesses and guest blogging.

Step 2 – Do your visitors know what you want them to do?

Visitors to your website won’t know what to do with the information you have provided them if you don’t tell them. It is best to keep information and direction on your homepage simple, meaning do not confuse the visitor with too much information and choices. Be sure to clearly tell your visitors to sign up for your Ezine and remember to tell them what it is all about; whether it is a newsletter, Ebook, or other form of valuable information.

Step 3 – Is it easy for visitors to take action?

You have valuable information to share with your visitors, but it won’t help if they cannot find it. Research has revealed that the majority of people scan websites from the top left down. This valuable information therefore tells us to place your subscription box in the top left of your homepage for easy visibility. You may want to also consider placing your sign up form on every page, increasing visibility regardless of what page traffic lands. Be sure to also make the sign up form as effortless as possible. Consider having a form that doesn’t require too many clicks to achieve the end result.

Step 4 – What’s in it for your visitors?

Most successful Ezines offer some kind of incentive to sign up. Whether you are giving away an Ebook, an audio, a video, or an Ecourse, be sure to describe what the freebie is, and how it can add value to them. Also provide clear instruction on how they will access the valuable information; can they download it? Or will the information be emailed?

Also, tell subscribers that they will hear from you again and how often. You may also wish to provide a sample of what they will be receiving.

Step 5 – Are your visitors put at ease?

Subscribers to your Ezine are providing you with valuable information – their personal information! Be sure to ease their minds by assuring them that you will not sell names and email addresses or allow their information to get into the wrong hands. Be sure to provide clear information surrounding your privacy policy and let them know that they can unsubscribe at any time.

Step 6 – Do your subscribers know to the next steps?

Often times, Ezines subscriptions require confirmation once sign up is complete. Therefore, remind visitors on the thank you page that they will need to confirm to receive the subscription they have signed up for.

Step 7 – Do your subscribers know how to white list?

Many email programs send unknown senders straight to junk mail. In order to avoid getting tossed in the junk mail folder, you need to tell your subscribers to white list you. White listing is a method used to ensure an email program recognizes and accepts an address. Provide clear instructions and be as specific as possible when you tell them how to white list, not only just your Ezine but all your subscriptions.

Step 8 – Is your confirmation email customized?

Customize your confirmation emails and use the same language and graphics used on your website. This will help trigger people’s memory as to what they are subscribing to and who is sending it to them. Keep things consistent and clear. Don’t use generic language!

Step 9 – Are you delivering what you promised?

Resist from having subscribers wait for the Ezine. As soon as they receive the confirmation email and link, you should send them to a page that gives them the information right then and there. Also be sure to provide clear instructions if necessary to retrieve the information. If they have to download it, you may wish to provide instructions according to PC or MAC software. Give as much information and help them obtain the information as much as possible. Make it easy for them.

Step 10 – Are you sending a thank you email? And is it customized?

Just like the confirmation email, the thank you email should be clear, consistent and provide helpful information. Tell subscribers to your Ezine how they can contact you if they need help and send the download link again. It is also a great idea to tell them in the thank you email what they should expect next. If your newsletter is weekly or monthly, remind them of this. Also let them know often they will be hearing from you.

Also let your subscribers know that they can unsubscribe anytime by clicking at the bottom of the email.

Remember to put yourself in the shoes of the person on the other end. Would you sign up for your Ezine? Make the process as simple as possible and continue to look for improvements. You will soon be well on your way to increasing web traffic and establishing a valuable client base.

About the Author: Serena Carcasole is a business consultant and the President of Virtual Business Solutions ON DEMAND, a premier virtual assistance firm helping entrepreneurs around the world to succeed and grow their businesses, providing a host of specialized technical & marketing outsourcing options to meet business owners’ unique needs for even the most complicated projects. For more info: http://www.vbsondemand.com / http://www.vbsondemand.com/category/blog

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