MINI: Fan the Flame

This is a cool campaign. A MINI Countryman was placed on a slope of 15% hanging only on a thick rope. A bunsen burner is placed underneath the rope. Once you have Liked the Facebook page you can watch the live construction, which was built on the parking lot of the Brussels Motorshow and remote ignite the flame from the campaign website. If your flame is the one that burns the rope, you win the MINI countryman. This campaign was created by TBWA\

This is once again an example of how the virtual world and the real world connect making a campaign more engaging. Stay tuned to my blog, I am putting together an article which talks about the future of Digital campaigns and how Digital and Engagement need to become more cohesive in their approach. We are far past the days when digital was just a supplemental support for engagement, because of the advancement of social and mobile technologies bringing the virtual world and the real world is one step closer.

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