Two Super Bowl Ad Teasers: Kia and Bridgestone Both spots will be packed with celebs

Super Bowl XLVI advertising teasers keep flowing in. Now we can add Kia and Bridgestone to the mix—and they’re bringing a pile of celebrities with them.

First up is the Kia spot, “Drive the Dream,” from David&Goliath (and Noam Murro, who also directed last year’s Kia Super Bowl spot). Kia goes to such great lengths to describe the 60-second ad in the press release that you wonder why they didn’t just put it on YouTube. We won’t spoil it by revealing the exact plot, but the ad does feature all of the following elements: a woman sprinkled with fairy dust, a man sprinkled with even more fairy dust, a Fabio-like hunk (who is apparently not actually Fabio), Mötley Crüe, Adriana Lima, UFC fighter Chuck Liddell, champion bull rider Judd Leffew, an “extreme dream sequence,” thousands of bikini-clad fans, bursts of flames and fireworks, a pair of lumberjacks sawing a massive sandwich, and a Snow White Pearl Optima Limited. The full ad will start airing in cinemas next Thursday, Feb. 2, with an extended version breaking the same day on YouTube. In the meantime, Kia will run the 15-second teaser ad below, starring Lima, on TV and in cinemas beginning Friday.

Bridgestone’s spot, from The Richards Group, will humorously reveal how it plans to change the world of sports with a new football, basketball, bowling ball and puck made from the same materials and technology as Bridgestone tires. There’s all manner of teasers leading up to the spot, which will star Tim Duncan, Deion Sanders, Steve Nash and Troy Aikman, among other athletes. In a bit of inspired casting, it will also feature Jerry Lambert—aka, Kevin Butler from the PlayStation campaign, as a Bridgestone scientist. He’ll probably steal the show. See that teaser after the jump.

SOURCE:  Tim Nudd

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