MySpace is making a comeback… Who’s coming back?!

Last time you probably heard about MySpace, it was sold for $35 million, down from a $550 million buy price just a few years before… Part of that headline was that Justin Timberlake bought into it, and now just over 12 months on, we see the new interface and experience showcased in this video ‘This is MySpace’ along with a registration page to gather emails in readiness for the re-launch.

The experience looks very cool at first glance, it actually makes Facebook look boring, and content/functionality wise, it pairs back to its roots in music, with a focus on finding artists, albums and popular songs and videos. Plus it’s powered by Facebook Connect and Twitter sign-in, so it might be able to pull a few people back in along with their content. Who’s heading back!?

Article by: A. Hepburn

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