Webisodes Series: NASCAR Unlimited Moments

This was a real fun project – the clients’ ask was to create a compelling video segment utilizing the limited time we had to interview the Drivers for the Sprint Cup event. This limited time was at a media event here at the House of Blues in Chicago, IL for just a few hours. The challenge: what can we actually do that would be compelling? Without an actual set and without the ability to create an intimiate moment with these drivers it would be very challenging to develop a story and convey the type of emotion that would make these videos at least half-way decent.

So the thinking began Рthe team: Caroline R, my copywriter, Lawrence L, the CD and I the Senior AD began deliberating and concepting ideas that went from  simple interviews segments all the way to developing fun speed rounds Рwhich I hope we will have time to develop at the end as bonus footage. At the end of the day we decided that, to make these videos compelling we will need to make it emotional and focus on the moment that these drivers knew that they had just qualified for the NASCAR Sprint Cup.

The questions we asked the drivers were simple and direct in hopes to get some unique answers projected in a way so that we can make it more engaging and dramatic during editing – we figured that these drivers have been at many of these media events so they knew exactly what we were looking for. The race was on – the Q&A sessions were going and we were also able to slip in the “speed rounds” as b-roll. At the end of the day, Red Car – our editing and production studio – was able to put together some raw footages for us to take a look at and listen to, to see what was usable and what was garbage.

In the video storyboards, I quickly laid out that amongst the interview we would do a ton of VO’s over actual video clips to get that heart-pounding action and excitement through visually. If we couldn’t get the emotion out from the driver during the interview we will get it from the supporting footage that we can pull out from the library of archived videos. Combine that with compelling music to create a more anthematic mood and we were able to put together and package up the compelling stories and videos that the client ultimately requested.

Stay tuned to this post – I will be adding the other videos as they are released.


Video 1: Jeff Gordon

Video 2: Greg Biffle

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