Coke dance vending machine

I should work in Korea. If you would like to get some great digital ideas to make it out of your sketchbook and into reality it seems that Korea is the place to do it. I had similar ideas that followed suit to this execution that Coke did, utilizing an interactive vending machine that captures the users engagement through movement and rewards them for their participation adding gamification to the whole experience.

This is the latest ‘Happiness’ project from Coca-Cola, this time from Korea, where a huge interactive dancing vending machine was created, rewarding people who completed the tasks with free drinks, the harder the challenge the more free coke people scored! At first glance, it’s a pretty robust game, powered by a Microsoft Kinect with image recognition to confirm and reward people for completing the challenges successfully.

It may be that people here in the US are just not that open, yet, to participating with this type of medium in this manner, but maybe that’s because there is just not enough executions out there to get them use to it.

What are your thoughts?

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