Paintball: My office outside the office

No one believes me when I tell them that one of my favorite things to do outside of the office is paintball. So this post is out there to prove that – a year back a couple friends and I decided to start up a paintball team called “Urban Guerillaz.” We were committed to the sport to the point that we would practice every third Sunday of the month – the norm would be every Sunday – but we were all on a tight budget. We definitely had a good run – never really winning 1st place in anything but placing 3rd in a 3-on-3 match.

Paintballin’ is a great release from the daily stresses, especially in the ad industry – I find it very therapuetic. I recommend everyone to go out there and get dirty from time-to-time and let your stresses out on the field so you can start your work week nice and fresh. if you guys are interested in coming along one day, message me and let me know.

Hope you enjoy the pics.

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