Sprint X NBA Campaign – #BKD4ADAY – (“Be Kevin Durant For a Day”)

A couple months back Digitas Chicago was tasked with the challenge of bringing NBA and Sprint into the forefront of social media – Twitter to be exact – to help push the awareness of this exciting relationship. Our team went back and put together an idea that would not only excite Kevin Durant fans but the NBA as a whole. That’s when “Be Kevin Durant for a Day” was born.

Kevin Durant, is one of today’s premier top NBA players who is not only burning up the court with his excellent basketball skills but he also brings with him a sense of style and charisma all-of-its-own. We were lucky to have him on our roster to be the face of the program.

Kevin Durant was very open and excited to what this campaign had to offer and he found that he could bring in a flare of his own. A lot of the tweets that you see from him will actually be from Kevin Durant himself. He is equally excited to find the winner of this program as well and show him/her how it will be to live a day in his shoes.

When designing for this program one of the main challenges was trying to find that perfect look-and-feel for the logo – we went through 100 variations and landed on a look-and-feel that had a sense of NBA, the program and social media, all-in-one. Within the logo you will notice the yellow circle in the back which signifies the center court, looking closer you may even notice a hint of the floorboards – don’t strain your eyes though, its only a hint. Then instead of writing the words “Be Kevin Durant for a Day” on the logo – which for one is too many words to place in a logo – we knocked out 2 birds with one stone by making the Twitter handle the program name merging the program and social media presence in one swoop. Adding the black slash with a distressed fill added a slight edginess that will carry forward on supporting creative throughout the program as a sub-texture.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of the experience.

  1. First we send the user to our Sprint.com/NBA page where the user can then enter the “Be Kevin Durant” section and register.
  2. User simply needs to enter their username and password along with their name to be registered.
  3. Once inside, they will see a dashboard or scoreboard which will house the number of times that they have entered each day. Throughout the campaign we will not only count the number of tweets but also , FB sign-ups, quizzes and pics, which actually comes in phases – so stay on your toes and look out for these tasks.
  4. Finally, we have Kevin Durant help support this program on his personal social media platforms, with 3 Million followers this is the best way to push the program.

Since saturday we have already received 100s of registered users – the only media in play: Kevin Durant’s post. We will be launching our media support – display ads – this week and hope to see hundred maybe even thousands of new registers. This is a very exciting program that will continue on for the next couple months. So sign-up  today at Sprint.com/nba and begin adding to your scoreboard.

The creative team:
Creative Director: Lawrence Lee
Senior Art Director / ACD: Jason Uzarraga
Senior Writer: Marc Sherman

The account and marketing team:
Courtney Jarvis
Lauren Randall
Judah Levine
Colleen Stebbens
Ben Dvorsky

Paul Nagorney

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