Website Relaunched: The A.Okay Life

The other day I was cleaning up my domain name server and hosting server to see what I use and don’t use and I fell upon a blog I started years ago but never really finished. The site is called “The A.Okay Life,” you can visit it at

Its funny when you start a blog years back with an intent and mission to be something interesting, meaningful and big, then totally forget about it because all life’s distractions get in your way. Only to find that same blog, creep back into your life and inspire you even more to write and collect stories to share, because you can relate to the core intent and mission; that much more. That is what’s happening here – a couple years back I started “The A.Okay Life” as an aspirational website to share products, travel, art and ideas that not only “inspire” the reader to envision and set their goals but to also motivate them to “achieve” and “attain” their goals.

I guess it just took all that time for me to mentally collect and organize the information subconsciously so I can be focused about what I really wanted this blog to share. As I am growing older, I find myself interested in listening to the likes of motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Stephen R.Covey and many others to help inspire and point my life into a direction I feel I need to go, to achieve more of the things I want to achieve and to help bring my life to the next stage. I wanted to use this blog as an oasis for myself to collect products and stories that kept me going in pursuing my goals and achieving excellence while innately effecting others to move the same direction.

So here is the simple formula of this site: combine products that I like and gain inspiration from, sprinkle in stories, quotes and videos that I find interesting then add relevant content that will help motivate readers in achieving a better life – “The A.Okay Life.”

In revamping the site I used the twenty-fourteen wordpress template. I like the showcase section that is built in as well as the capabilities of the module that this template comes with. To be honest it took a little bit to get use to, but once the gears were in motion it was downhill from there. What’s more exciting is that it doesn’t only look and perform good on desktop but it is looks very impressive on my tablet and mobile as well.

The A.Okay Life


I urge you to check out the site at, subscribe, bookmark and tell me your thoughts. What works? what doesn’t work? and help me shape a blog that inevitably helps you out as well. I am looking for contributors to help facilitate the content so if you know anyone who may be interested in writing for this blog, please let me know. I am also in the hunt for real stories, products or ideas to post; if you have any you would like to share please send them to or you can also fill out the form below.

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