2009’s Most Effective Ads

Ace Metrix reveals which TV spots resonated most with viewers

Rubbermaid’s ad tops the chart.

A TV ad from Rubbermaid, promoting the marketer’s line of Easy Find Lids food storage containers has been named the most creatively effective ad of 2009, according to Ace Metrix, the syndicated commercial tester. The spot, dubbed “Neat. Not,” which was created by WPP Group’s Y&R and debuted in June, features two women and their respective kitchen cabinets, one messy, one neatly organized with (you guessed it) Easy Find Lids containers. The ad also directed viewers to a Web site for coupons. “Consumers clearly connected with the Rubbermaid creative treatment,” said Ace Metrix CEO Steve Goldman. “The combination of a simple message, clear calls to action and a differentiating product all helped this ad to stand out from others.” Steve Pawl, vp, marketing at Rubbermaid, said the ad and the product “were the result of understanding our consumers’ frustrations around cluttered cabinets. We are especially pleased that the spot resonated so well with our audience.” Pawl credited Y&R for “bringing this solution to life in an engaging and compelling way.


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