Visa Tries 3-D Display in Grand Central

adweek/photos/stylus/124427-VisaGoWorld.jpgIn an out-of-home first, CBS Outdoor unveiled the first high-definition 3-D projection display in New York’s Grand Central Terminal. And yes, the display, for Visa’s Go World campaign, requires special 3-D glasses, which are distributed on site by brand ambassadors.

The campaign, using Visa’s TV spots as the main creative element, launched Feb. 1 and will run the entire month. Spots are shown daily from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.CBS Outdoor created the display in partnership with N4D. To engage 70,000 daily consumers, the Visa display uses 3-D dioramas and more than 100 pieces of media elements placed throughout the Shuttle passageway. Even without 3-D glasses, the 3-D dioramas appear dimensional to the naked eye.

“CBS Outdoor is very proud to debut this revolutionary new step in outdoor advertising in one of the nation’s highest-profile locations: Grand Central station,” said David Lane, vp of digital media for CBS Outdoor.

She added: “And we’re thrilled to be doing so with Visa, whose ‘Go World’ high-definition 3-D commercials will create a one-of-a-kind brand experience as well as a show-stopping moment for millions of commuters.”

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