How to Reach Affluent African Americans

By not targeting this key segment, some marketers may be missing out


Of all the sins marketers commit, few evoke more scorn from peers than that of “leaving money on the table.” If there’s a population willing and able to buy what you’re selling — if you’d only ask, in a reasonably competent way, that it do so — then failure to reach those people is a needless blow to your brand. A forthcoming book, titled Black Is the New Green: Marketing to Affluent African Americans, makes the case that luxury marketers are guilty of missing out on one such lucrative market. Written by Leonard Burnett Jr. (co-CEO and group publisher of Uptown Media Group and Vibe Lifestyle Network) and Andrea Hoffman (CEO of consultancy Diversity Affluence), the book also offers counsel on how to go about reaching “AAAs,” its shorthand term for “affluent African Americans.”


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