Honest : Volunteer with the Muppets

Muppets Give a Day, Get a Day

The Muppets!?!? Yes, The Muppets! We’re really excited to show off this work from Honest , who was able to lend a hand in this new campaign for Disney and The Muppets. Working with agency, Vanksen and director Michael Sugarman, the team at Honest got the opportunity to build this promotional website for the Disney Give a Day, Get a Disney Day new campaign.

Up to their normal scheming, the Muppets spread the message about volunteering, while they COMPLETELY DESTROY the site! Getting to work on-set with the Muppets, The Honest team came back to pull together the experience, doing all of the animation ( pre and post production ) , flash development and personalization tool to let the muppets speak to you about volunteering.

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