Microsoft Gets Social for Kin Phone Launch

The average person on Facebook has 130 friends, but most of them aren’t really “friends” at all.

That’s the premise of a campaign from Microsoft that introduces its Kin phone, which is pitched as a device designed specifically “for people who are actively navigating their social lives.” Kin, a long-awaited, touch-screen mobile device that was code-named “Pink,” was based on feedback from more than 50,000 consumers in the target 20-something age range. Like some other devices, notably Motorola’s Cliq TX with Motoblur, Kin pools several social media streams including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Windows Live. But unlike Blur, Kin lets consumers program their phone so their closest friends’ updates rise to the top, a feature Microsoft calls The Loop.

via Microsoft Gets Social for Kin Phone Launch.

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