DIGITAS – The Dunkin’ Donuts Mobile Payment App

Digitas recently just launched a new mobile app for Dunkin’ Donuts – replicates most of the features that could be done on the Starbucks App, but with the option to change the look of your experience. Here is their PR piece for the release of the app.

America runs on Dunkin’—and now with just one scan, they can buy it using their mobile phones. Introducing Dunkin’ Mobile, a mobile app that lets you pay for all of your purchases through a virtual Dunkin’ Donuts card. Just present the virtual card’s barcode on the app to a Dunkin’ employee to be scanned, and you’re good to go.

The app also features a store locator (so you can make Dunkin’ runs wherever you are), a menu for all of your favorites, and virtual gift cards—share the Dunkin’ love with all of your friends via text message, email, or Facebook.

The Dunkin’ Mobile app is available in iPhone and Android app stores. You can download it here.

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