Wedding Wonders Edition TWO

Tic-Tac-Tag (TTT) has come out with their second edition of “Wedding Wonders: Local picks from Chicago’s best wedding vendors” — Designed and developed by Jason Uzarraga.

This brainchild was born after much interaction with different vendors from multiple events. “We saw so many unique and interesting presentations at events that we had to wonder… who did this? and how was this done?” We concluded with the idea that if we were asking these questions, that there were many others—brides and grooms particularly—who were probably asking the same questions.

So in each guide TTT put together a few categories of services that they felt are important and highlighted only one (1) vendor per category to make this easy for those who are reading it.

“Our hope is that our readers get a kick out of these quick guides and use them as a go-to resource to connect with these great vendors that we have built a relationship with.” Their third edition will be coming out this December 2017 and adding more categories as their network continues to grow.

So get your free Wedding Wonders guide here and check it out. If you find them as great as we do, share them with friends and families and spread the word about Wedding Wonders!

Wedding Wonders Edition TWO

Wedding Wonders Edition TWO

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