Social Media Advertising Will Come of Age.

The average mid sized company spends a decent amount of money on pay per click advertising each month. The average mid sized company doesn’t blog and doesn’t actively improve their organic search rankings effectively. It’s always easier to spend money than it is to spend time and resources. It’s especially easy to spend money when it’s very obvious what the return is. With PPC ads, you put money in, pick keywords, put up some landing pages (hopefully). Then, you get leads. It’s obvious. With blogging and SEO, there are a bunch more steps and it isn’t guaranteed unless each step is executed without mistake. The same goes for social media. Almost all businesses fail at leveraging social media effectively. It’s not about just putting money in. However, in 2009, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace, Digg, etc, will make it easy to put money in and get targeted traffic out. Most of these sites are just recently launching their targeted ad capabilities. They’ll figure it out this year. Businesses will jump on this bandwagon. Not because it’s right… but because it’s easy.

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