Nikon App Gets Touchy

App lets users sample camera’s touch-control technology


Nikon is promoting its new camera equipped with touch technology via a Web app that gives consumers a simulation of touch-control capabilities for their online photo galleries.

The Nikon Virtual Touch Experience is a utility that uses a Webcam to let users move through photosets and resize images with gestures rather than their touch-pads or a mouse. Users can download the app at Nikon site

The Virtual Touch Experience uses edge-detection technology to achieve the trick.

Interpublic Group’s MRM Worldwide created the application as a way to showcase the benefits of the Nikon Coolpix S70 camera. The point-and-shoot device has touch-screen controls instead of buttons, allowing users to operate the camera with gestures similar to those used with iPhones.

“Nikon wanted to push that it had an innovative product,” said Farid Chaouki, director of innovation and user experience design at MRM. “It’s hard to convey that in an advertising banner, so we developed a utility that will add value and make people understand Nikon is about innovation.”

The tool is a bookmarklet that users can drag into their Firefox toolbars to use around the Web. It doesn’t require plug-ins or toolbar downloads, although it does require a Webcam.

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