Sprint Framily Desktop and Mobile Website Re-design 2.0

Framily Re-Design

Shortly after the first launch of the Sprint Framily website went live we quickly began designing and developing version 2.0 – a more digestible and aesthetically pleasing web design.

The challenge in this approach was that we needed to have the same amount of content but present it in a way where we help drive the user to their destination better. At the same time we found that within the initial launch the load times were not in the place that we hoped they’d be so we wanted to ensure that we keep the weight size down to a minimum in this round.

The result: we got a higher click-through rate, people were engaging with the content and we were able to increase acquisition. Users were inclined in learning more about the program utilizing this website. Even though we removed some of the interactive elements that were present in the first round, people were staying longer on this website – removing those interactive elements also lowered our total weight cutting load times in half.

Our take away in this update is developing a site that reads quicker and is easy to navigate through is very important to our users. At other situation we would say that education is key by sharing more than enough content, but in this case it created a barrier into the purchase funnel.

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