Shopify Stories: Purple Urchin

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Purple Urchin’s Story:
What started as mad experiments in a damp, dark basement soon became a business operating at farmers’ markets, craft sales and online. We have since vacated our original den of hygienic sorcery and set up a Chinatown storefront and production space.

We love making soap because it lets us work with our hands and be creative without contributing materials to landfills. Soap is luxurious, biodegrades, and makes a great useful gift. Plus, we get to have all kinds of fun experimenting with new scents!

When customers started asking for other natural products, we of course obliged. We now offer a wide variety of bath and skincare products, all developed from scratch (mostly through research and trial & error) in our on-site laboratory.

We’ve grown a lot, but we will always continue to make amazing, environmentally friendly and health conscious products. Our soaps, still handmade from scratch, reflect our commitment to awesomeness, our basement origins, and our desire to remain just a little bit mad.

Visit us in Ottawa’s Chinatown, find our products in one of 30+ distributors across Ontario, or order from our online store.


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