Trace : GMC Terrain Animated Campaign

Trace GMC Terrain

Digitas Boston approached Trace Pictures to create a new kid crafted animated campaign to promote the GMC Terrain that will live as as online spots. Trace pulled together a demo treatment with their proposed style and won over the creatives. Justin Stephenson, Sr. Creative Director of Trace Pictures, describes how the project came together :

The design of the project started by inviting a group of young kids to draw up images from their favorite road trips. We received the most adorable pictures that could only come from a child’s imagination. Our designers then worked with the kid-crafted elements to create a multitude of fun scens, that we strung together to create one colorful and exciting road trip. From cityscape, to beach, to zoo to grandma’s house.. and so on. We purposefuly used very simple stop motion and 2D animation techniques to make the piece feel like it lived in a child’s world. The process was a blast and it’s not everyday you get pre-schoolers to do your initial designs!

Check out the animated GMC spot.

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